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I love romance and all the difficulties faced by those striving to make a relationship work. My characters live lives in various worlds; paranormal, contemporary and science fiction, all packed with emotion and erotic heat designed to ignite not only your heart, but other parts as well. So grab some ice water and wade in.

Within the pages of my various works, reviewers have found "creative well-paced plots", "sexy characters" and "heart-warming and hilarious scenes". I hope you too will find these and more.


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Gimme Shelter

Available April 14, 2017

Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN 07854-02534
Genre: Futuristic, Action Adventure & Suspense, Sci-Fi , New Releases, Romance



Captive of a violent warrior race, deliberately injured and set adrift to die alone in space, Shanrem De Nebral is rescued by Zen Ahbramez and the crew of the starship Brizo.

For Shanrem, raised to be nothing more than property to be sold to the highest bidder, the freedom, friendship and love he finds aboard the Brizo is more than he ever dreamed of. But even the best of dreams end, and for Shanrem there's nothing but trouble ahead.


With the near perfection bred into him in ruins, his own people would rather see him dead than returned and the Dukati warrior who owned him wants him back. To keep Shanrem safe and sheltered within his loving embrace, Zen's strength and resolve will be tested to the limits.



Bound by the Orb

Available April 18, 2017

Publisher: LooseID
ISBN: 978-1-68252-318-6
Genre: Science Fiction & Space Opera, Urban Fantasy
Length: Anthology

  E BOOK    


The Orb of Atrios
Swept into another dimension by the Orb, Lealah Redmond struggles to accept her new life as tezza to Darien Finn Mal. That Darien is confident, kind and sexy as hell takes the sting out of an otherwise bizarre situation, but are the feelings Lea begins to experience her own, or those of the Orb?

Chosen of the Orb
Huntress Lira Senn Var is strong, independent, and a far cry from the domestic type of woman who's satisfied tending hearth and home. Still, she longs for a mate and children of her own. In Talrion Finn Mal she finds a kindred soul, but can this strong and sensual warrior accept Lira's need to remain true to herself?

The Orb of Atrios brought them together, but the rest is up to them. If they can face the challenge, two couples will find their way past uncertainty and tears to laughter, joy, and sensual nights filled with soul-shattering sizzle and and everlasting love.


Please Note: The stories in this omnibus were previously released as individual titles by another publisher.




What the Cat Dragged In

Available Now

Publisher: LooseID
ISBN 978-1-68252-294-3
Genre: LGBTTQ, Fantasy & Paranormal, Shapeshifters




An owl and a pussycat? Seriously? Oh yeah. Seriously hot.

It's a case of lust at first sight. The sizzle between Kyle and Bryan ignites into a passionate encounter with an unexpected result. Fun and games between this owl and lynx shifter are all well and good, but love? That's more than either one expected, and, for this interspecies couple, may be the very thing that tears them apart.


Please Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.




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